How the Cuts Will Affect You (or the Story of Burden Sharing)

The 24/7 Frontline Alliance commissioned an actuarial report on the impact of the pay cuts on different grades of public sector workers.  The headline figures have been circulating in public.  Here is the summary.


These are examples of different occupations at different grade levels with different working hours.  Therefore, these numbers could change even within individual categories.  But these are concrete examples of what the pay losses could amount to.

These are substantial cuts.  For nurses, depending on their working hours, losses could be as high as €5,000 a year.  The impact on living standards will be devastating.

Of course, the Government insists the burden will be shared.  And, yet, managerial and professional grades in the private sector experienced a €39 increase in weekly income in the last year – or an increase of over 3 percent.  Today, MANDATE highlights the news that management in Penny’s received a 2 percent increase while workers received nothing.

That pretty much tells the story of burden sharing.

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One Response to How the Cuts Will Affect You (or the Story of Burden Sharing)

  1. Tomboktu says:

    How does that fit or disagree with the analysis at publicpolicy?

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