Unions Welcome Tanaiste’s Clarification

The following is a statement released by the group of unions opposed to the pay cuts deal:  the CPSU, INMO, IMO and UNITE.

The group of unions opposed to Croke Park II have welcomed a clarification by Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore in relation to the current Croke Park agreement and called on the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to withdraw a statement it made last Friday and issue a correction.

Mr Gilmore said the current Croke Park agreement expires next year and when it expires, if there is no replacement, the guarantees which were contained in it will not apply beyond the expiry date of the agreement.

Last Friday the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) issued a statement which said that unless the proposals for Croke Park II were ratified the current agreement would then cease immediately along with the protections it gives.

The group of unions opposed to Croke Park II has now called on the Department to withdraw its erroneous statement and issue a correction.  A spokesperson for the unions said:

 ‘Last Friday’s statement by DPER – which was widely reported in the media – was misleading, inaccurate and a gross interference in the democratic decision-making process of the public service trade union movement. It has caused a great deal of unnecessary confusion and even created a climate of fear amongst union members. We are calling on the Department to withdraw it and state the correct position immediately.’

Unions Opposed to Croke Park II – which comprises the INMO, the IMO, the CPSU and Unite – have accused DPER of engaging in ‘scaremongering’ and attempting to unilaterally rewrite the basis on which the talks took place in the first instance.

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One Response to Unions Welcome Tanaiste’s Clarification

  1. rita cahill says:

    That Low life Shatter ” Man who shatters the Garda’s Lives,
    All the Garda work damn hard,
    Each public service do a great job for their country and all the People of Ireland,
    But” don’t let these Bullies walk all over you,
    Ah the wolf cried Howlin an evil dog that he is ”
    sneaks his claws to Digs right in,
    Mr kenny Doesn’t Speak that much”
    While Gilmore Does That for him,
    They are the biggest con men all put together,
    the snakes plans are to privatize Public Civil Service and bring down the BreadlineIn Ireland,
    lowering the wages, and wanting the Irish People over worked as their common slaves, Replacing the migrant, in their places,
    Jack sprat, who betrayed the People,
    piling up the fat cookies jar’ with his fat pension in it,
    he doesn’t care about the People, all he care that he get a result of a yes, never mind”
    away with him,
    he sits in liberty hall,
    He thinks is so mighty tall,
    Jack Sprat selfish gutless coward,
    Ah theTax payers pay a union to side with them, in return,
    his reply, I would accept this agreement, he sigh’s” to the workers,
    selling the people out that keeps him in his job,
    Go to Hell JacK” and Shut your Gob”
    what a nasty smell coming from the Dial,
    It smells like Liffey” Shit along the Dublin docks,
    All their tax haven Cronies living among ” the singing ducks,
    How can this Heartless Government not give a damn,
    hard face TDS betray their trust,
    They promised the moon, the star, the sun,
    All they have Done is Treat People like Dirt,
    Horrible government who betrayed our their loyal workers,
    Never mind” they are nothing” but a bunch of cowards,
    lying in people pockets” a bunch of greedy hungry Gits,
    Wasters” of the Puppet masters, a talk full of shit.

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