UNITE to Campaign for No Vote on Croke Park Extension

Statement from UNITE the Union:

Members vote overwhelmingly against proposals

Ballot of 6,500 Public Service members to take place in coming weeks

The UNITE trade union is to campaign against the acceptance of proposals put forward to extend the Croke Park agreement.

A meeting of workplace representatives voted overwhelmingly today to reject the proposals which speakers from health, education, local authorities and the civil service said were ‘disastrous for members and would create a vicious spiral in the overall economy’.

“From this meeting we will now plan for a ballot of all our 6,500 members in the public service,” said UNITE National Co-ordinator Walter Cullen.

“The cuts being proposed cannot be sustained by the workers we represent nor can they be anything other than disastrous for jobs across the broad economy.”

“Time after time the Government has promised this will be the last time, and that job creation measures will be successful in offsetting the impact on the whole country.”

“Time after time those ‘promises’ have proven to be empty gestures.”

“UNITE will now look to work alongside other trade unions opposed to these proposals and campaign vigorously for their rejection.”

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