UNITE Condemns Underhanded Government Tactics

UNITE the Union has condemned the threat by Government to punish workers that reject the proposals in the new Public Service Croke Park Agreement while at the same time supposedly offering sweeteners to other public sector workers to vote in favour.

This is an example of a Government intent on imposing pay cuts on public sector workers no matter how inequitable these cuts are or whatever way they vote. There are no sweeteners in these proposals, just lesser cuts for some workers.

The reason UNITE walked out of the talks was because the Government will not discuss any other issue except pay cuts. We believe there is an alternative to these cuts.

No adequate information was provided by the Government to allow public sector workers to make an informed decision on these proposals.

UNITE challenges the Government to demonstrate clearly how the cuts to public sector workers’ pay will secure €1billion in net savings and what the net effect of these savings will have on the deficit.

The Executive Committee of UNITE and our public sector representatives across health, education, government agencies and local authorities sectors will meet next Tuesday, 5th March at 11am in the Gresham Hotel.

“UNITE will resist any attempts by the Government to divide and confuse public sector workers in an attempt to impose pay cuts.

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One Response to UNITE Condemns Underhanded Government Tactics

  1. Tracey says:

    Will be interesting to see what the resolutions are going to be. I have never witnessed such bullying and underhanded tactics from a government. Do these so called politicians not understand that we are their electorate? What is ICTU’s stand on this…it all seems very quiet…we need to start being a lot more vocal!

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