Statement on Withdrawal from the Croke Park Talks

The UNITE trade union has withdrawn from talks with Government over public sector cuts which it believes have been politically driven from the outset.

“We have never been presented with an economic case for the proposed cuts,” said UNITE Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly.

“Our belief is that the scale of the cuts proposed would be hardest felt by those on low salaries that cannot afford to give more; and that they will add thousands to the number of unemployed and those forced to emigrate.

“By the Government’s own estimate there will be 32,000 fewer in work than it had forecast. It now feels it right to go after public sector workers to foot the bill for a chronic failure to tackle the jobs crisis. Having failed to get an answer on the economic basis for the proposals, UNITE feels that it owes it to its members in the public service, and to the country to withdraw from what has been nothing more than a political facade.

“We are pleased to stand alongside the other trade unions who are walking away from this political choreograph,  We will prepare with our members to resist legislation to bring about cuts that will damage Ireland in so many ways.”

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One Response to Statement on Withdrawal from the Croke Park Talks

  1. Déirdre O'Byrne says:

    Congratulations to UNITE. We have seen too much collusion from a number of prominent trade unions with government in the past number of years that we are having difficulty in recognising them as bodies who have the interests of workers or indeed the state at heart. Austerity doesn’t work and cuts to workers’ pay is deplorable in this context. Not alone is it wrong to cut like this, it won’t help our economy or bring people back to work. What it will do is support the wealthy classes, European bankers, investors and bondholders to maintain their wealth and standing to the detriment of ordinary people, especially those who are most vulnerable.

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